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Ideas in a Jam Jar

From a market stall to a multi-million pound business
here’s our humble journey that’s brought us to where we are today

“Don’t follow your dreams, chase them!”
Susan Ma - founder

Ideas in a jam jar

Our founding product - the gorgeous Body Smooth Refreshing Polish - is freshly handmade in my kitchen at home using 100% natural, Australian inspired ingredients and sold for the first time at Greenwich Market. Over the next few years, I devote nights and weekends to manufacturing, selling and formulating new beauty recipes, to create our first natural skincare range.

A dream come true

After appearing on The Apprentice in 2010, I’m given the opportunity to present my passion and vision for affordable, natural and cruelty-free skincare to Lord Sugar. Impressed by the products, he spots a unique business opportunity within a rapidly growing natural beauty industry and invests to become a 50/50 partner; making Tropic the only company he has invested in outside of the Apprentice winners.

"I admire the quality and ethos of the Tropic products,
and that's why I invested."

Deluxe A.B.C. Skin Care Collection

We work tirelessly to innovate, improve and expand our existing range of natural beauty products.

Prepare to launch

With a desire to encourage a more entrepreneurial Britain, we decide that our route to market is to sell our award-winning products exclusively through independent Tropic Ambassadors and not through shops. On May 4th, we open our doors to 400 beauty lovers nationwide to launch their very own businesses with us. Our mission is to ignite the entrepreneurial flair that’s in all of us, and to empower our Ambassadors to earn what they’re worth, on their terms through our lucrative commission plan.

Make it mineral

After a year of development, we proudly unveil our brand new cosmetics range that’s powered by active botanical extracts and free from harsh chemicals. It’s an instant hit and sales double.

Business is booming

In less than 6 months, our Ambassador numbers have more than doubled and our entrepreneurs are earning record industry commissions with tens of thousands of pounds being paid out each month. We see our first Manager take home £10,000 in
November alone.

"We believe in business with a personal touch, where reputation is everything, and success is gained through word of mouth and strong values."

Millionaires' Row

Within a year of the launch, we celebrate Gill Eagle and her ever expanding team, who worked hard together to become the first Tropic Team to collectively achieve sales of over £1 Million! They were closely followed by Sarah Fordham and her team who hit £1 Million in June.

Where we are today

10 years on from selling our first product in a jam jar, we’ve expanded from a 65 sq. ft home kitchen to a 6000 sq. ft beauty kitchen. We’ve grown from just one Body Smooth Polish to a multi award-winning range of 64 gorgeous skincare and cosmetics.

Our beliefs and values

Most importantly, we now have an awe-inspiring community of the most incredible Ambassadors, collectively holding more than 12,000 Pamper Experiences in the last year, writing their own pay cheques and pioneering the natural beauty revolution nationwide. But no matter how we’ve grown, we still and always will, uphold the same core values of producing the highest quality, natural and cruelty-free beauty products that really make a difference to your skin.

The only way is up

As the fastest growing social selling company in the UK, we look to the future with excitement and a burning passion to create even more beautiful products and to meet many more natural beauty lovers to make next year even bigger and better!
"Don't follow your dreams, chase them!"

Susan Ma - founder
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