I have had a very unsatisfactory relationship with foundation in the past and have tried an impressive range with very limited satisfaction. Until this product, which came as a very pleasant surprise. Good selection of colours to match most skin tones and the online ambassador was quick to respond with very practical advice re colour matching as I live overseas and ordered from the website. Really impressed with the coverage and pretty flawless finish. The kabuki brush is also a winner! Love both products. - Mineral Foundation
My mum and I love Tropic's products and as a little present for after exams she bought me this and the Body Love (complementary moisturizer) and I have to say that this is one of the most amazing products I have ever tried in my life - no exaggeration! My legs feel silky smooth and super hydrated. Shaving has also always been a problem for me as my skin is super sensitive - the oil left behind after washing it off can be used as a base for shaving instead of running water or a shaving foam so I tried this and it was painless, no cuts from my razor and the oil was still there after shaving so my legs were still super soft. I had no razor burn, no nothing! Added the Body Love afterwards and it produced the most amazing results! Would highly recommend to anyone and everyone! A truly incredible product and well worth the price! - Body Smooth
Super Greens Serum worked wonders on my winter skin -as an equestrian l am outside in all weathers and my dry skin was taking a beating - I used it at night as a night Serum and mixed a small amount in the morning with my moisturiser and it plumped up and rehydrated my skin - it also seemed to even our skin tone and l noticed it quickly reduced any irritation from blemishes and spots etc. I'm 43 years old and this is the best my skin has ever felt.
I'm writing to tell you how .....A-M-A-Z-I-N-G... I have found Tamanu ....
absolutely fantastic ..thank you!

I suffer from cold sores, always have, and they aren't just unsightly they can be EXTREMELY painful! Just about 6 days ago I got a HUGE coldsore, biggest one I can remember of late.
The pain was bad... it was in my jaw, my cheek, and up to my scalp, my skin hurt to the touch..REALLY bad break out!
I was in so much pain I was taking painkillers.

We are advised to use an astringent to dry it up, but I thought I would take a chance and use my Tamanu. (SO GLAD I DID)
I put it on the coldsore, with a cotton bud, at night, so it was 'soaking' overnight... then again on a morning, a lighter coating.
Well, couldn't believe it, after approx 36 hours, the pain was almost gone and the swelling down...plus it didn't look as unsightly as the norm.

Today is day 7 and the actual coldsore has almost gone.... and no scaring. I'm delighted because the life of a coldsore can be well over 10 unsightly, painful days.


I'm so delighted ...
Dorothy Powney
From being a small child I have suffered from eczema and have often had to resort to using hydrocortisone on my face which has resulted in damaged skin, especially around my eyes. The eczema was often itchy, uncomfortable and sore. I have tried numerous other products most of which irritated my skin rather than making it better.
A few months ago, I discovered Skin Revive and haven't had any eczema at all on my face! It's absolutely amazing! I haven't had to use any creams that damage my face and have noticed a massive improvement in the appearance of my skin.
Nikki Rayner
I have just been diagnosed with eczema on my hands and feet and the Tamanu balm is a life saver! It really helps with the itching and stinging & reduces my need for the steroid creams.
Carol H
I adore the deodorant, having been allergic to spray deodorant my whole life it has made such a difference to my life and the way my body smells. I liked it so much that I introduced it to my family and now we all use it, including the men in the house!
Ella T
I am a new convert and I can't imagine using any other skin products, the difference to my skin is amazing!
Joanne H
I've only been using your products for 2 weeks but have already sent my last supplies back to whence they came! I'm hooked on Tropic now! My favourite so far has to be the night repair cream. The smell is absolutely gorgeous! My rosacea is the best it's ever been and for once I don't feel like I've got anything on my face and I'm comfortable in my own skin!
Kim B
I was very lucky to have the chance to sample a few of your fantastic products from one of your Ambassadors. After the first use of products from the Deluxe Skincare Collection, the results on my skin were absolutely amazing! Felt so soft and so clean!! I am currently transitioning from vegetarian to vegan so it's very important for me to find beauty products that are animal cruelty free. Your products tick all the boxes.
Kirsty S
After watching a friend have a make up trial with tropic products I ordered pure effects beauty booster, correcting cream concealer and mineral foundation. I've used them for a couple of weeks now, the bb cream gives great coverage and only need a small amount each time, love the concealer as hides the natural redness on my face and any other imperfections and the foundation gives a really natural look, so no longer look orange and caked in make up like with other brands I've tried.
Zoe H
I couldn't be more impressed with Tropic products .. I was very sceptical at first and have only used high end products such as Estée Lauder and Dior..I can tell you now..I am going to throw that all away and just use tropic products ..I have combination skin with unbalanced, red, underneath red bumps and was getting really frustrated and down ..everything I used on my face would irritate it and make it inflamed.. After using these products for a few days my skin has never felt and looked so amazing .. It's smoothed my skin out the redness has decreased loads and the bumps are slowly going.. I never write reviews ever! And feel like these products deserve it.. I've become obsessed and want to buy everything tropic ..I hadn't heard of this range until my friend became an ambassador and I'm so glad I gave into my scepticism and just went for it because it's made me feel so much more confident ..if you are having doubts whether to buy.. Just do it and give it a go, you won't be disappointed ..I feel like I've gone to the spa every morning and night !
I've been using tropic for about a year now and honestly could not go back to other brands whether it be makeup or skin care. Being allergic to most things that are put in skin products I'm so happy to have found tropic.
I ran out of tropic foundation a few days ago and had to get a temporary foundation until I ordered more. You can see and FEEL such a difference in different brands I'm now not wearing foundation until mine arrives as I can't bare the heavy feel of other products.
Nicole R
I have absolutely fallen for your products. As a sufferer of severe redness/unbelievable dryness/sensitive skin, I am overwhelmed with your products. My skin feels a million dollars in only 3 days of using them!!
I've tried so many expensive products from Chanel, Creme de la Mer and medicated products from the doctors, they all have nothing on 'tropic'!! Thank you for being my saviour! :)
Nicola Mawdsley
I had such sore, chapped, itchy, spotty and rough skin that I couldn't even put makeup on it. I wouldn't go out of the house when it was at its worst - unfortunately I was getting increasingly self conscious and felt so unattractive. I'd tried everything and nothing was working. It was costing me a fortune. After a Tropic facial my face felt softer and it was no where near as itchy and sore. Within a few hours the soreness came back and so did the itching. I wanted another Tropic facial - I went back to the lady and placed my first Tropic order - abc plus the scrub (exciting).

6 weeks later my skin was unbelievably better! It was glowing, radiant and most of the redness, chapped areas and spots had healed. I was confident again! I had many positive comments about how amazing my skin was looking and how glowing it was that I was becoming more and more in love with these products. I loved Tropic that much I became an Ambassador.
Ambassador Jennifer Kettle
Your products have dramatically improved my skin. About 3 years ago I had acne flare up - not a good look for a 30 something! I tried absolutely everything with no success but decided after visiting Veg Fest in Bristol last year I would try some of your foundation. Not only did it work brilliantly but my skin also seemed to prefer it to the chemical laden one I was using. From there I moved on to your whole skincare range and my skin is now so much clearer and looks so much better! Thank you!
Emma Davies
My daughter has eczema and cannot use any skincare products/soap/shampoo/etc. She has to have steroid cream applied daily and is constantly itching. We started using the Tamanu Healing Balm on her skin and the results were amazing. It worked as effectively as the steroid cream which we now only have to use 1-2 times a week.

The cleansing body block is so gentle on her skin and we use the shower
cream as shampoo. Bath times used to be a nightmare as she would hate having her hair washed as the products would sting her skin. Since using Tropic, bath times are now fun and something she looks forward to.

Ambassador Claire Peacock
I was pleased when my package arrived within a few days and was excited to open it. The box was beautifully packed and it was a pleasure to receive such lovely products. The overall experience from beginning to end was most pleasurable and the products themselves are delightful.
Pauline Charles
I started using the cleanse, tone, moisturiser set approx 4 weeks ago and I really cannot recommend it enough, my skin is clearer, brighter and so much softer, the horrid open pore look I once had have gone and people have noticed! ....... Even my husband loves using it! If you're thinking about it (like I did for months!) just go ahead and do it, you won't look back!
Lisa Jones
This stuff works miracles! Paired with the Body Smooth, my eczema covered arms have never been clearer, softer or smoother! Thank you Tropic.
Lana-May Cox
Love Tropics I am a total convert!!! Used to use Liz Earle / dermalogica - would never look back!
Elizabeth Taylor
I love Tropic, skin favours this in comparison to Gatieau, Clarins, Elemis etc and it smells so good!
Claire Glynn
This is the very best skincare I have bought and it does what it says.
E. Stretton
I can honestly say that Tropic Skin Care and makeup products are the best I have ever used. I have only been using them for a couple of weeks but after over 50 years of using products from the High Street chemist and high end priced well-known brands I know Tropic is the one for me. Can't wait to get the full range.
Desnee Pennells
Almost 2 years since I was introduced to Tropic and I have been hooked since the very start. The new branding is amazing and the night cream my favourite out of all the products and, you'll not be surprised to hear, I have a lot of them! Skin care products are now my daily regime and I wouldn't swap for any of the over-priced competitor products out there. I love the whole range of make-up and skin care and can't wait to see where you'll take it next.
I've suffered with dry skin for years especially the face & no matter how many 'natural' &'organic' products I have used they have never worked with the exception of virgin coconut oil (but I really dont like the smell!) I've been ABC'ing everyday since 24th Dec (Birthday Pressie) and honestly never had such soft & lovely skin on my face & the tropics smells are just gorgeous. Love it, thank you Tropics xx
Samantha Ironman
I'm new to tropic skin care but have been trying out various different vegan brands and I am so pleased I was given these products to try. They are lovely and make my skin feel clean and fresh. I've tried many different brands of vegan products and often feel I've had to compromise on that luxury feel in return for ethical cruelty free products but Tropics completely changed that. The products are very luxurious and are they best I've used for years. I will be buying more and recommending.
Jacqui Brookes
Wow love these products. I have tried so many brands in the past and was therefore reluctant to try another however, I took advice and listened to a close friend whose skin always looks so fresh and healthy and free of lines. Noticed the difference within a few days
Hayley Caunce
Introduced to tropic products today, had facial and make-over, very impressed with look and feel of my skin. Have ordered flawless skin collection, will enjoy using this product I am sure.
Pat Lemon
I have recently been introduced to Tropic Skin Care and have bought the Perfect Brow Collection kit and Travel Essentials Skincare range. I have to say, I absolutely love the products and will definitely be buying more from you. The skincare products are the best I have used. They really leave my skin feeling cleansed, refreshed and lovely and soft. They also smell fabulous. What is more, I love the fact that they contain pure ingredients and have not been tested on animals. Keep up the good work. I am definitely a committed Tropic customer now and have already recommended you to two of my friends.
Sarah Smallwood
After going to a Tropic Skin Care party I tried the eye gel liner. The best eyeliner I have ever found. It looks just as good at the end of the day as when I put it on first thing in the morning. Worth every penny!
Amy Galley
After just a few weeks of using Tropic products night and day, I can honestly say that my skin has improved to such an extent that I no longer need to wear a "cover" makeup, just a dash of blusher. I'm 66 years of age and at last, after many years of trying various creams and potions, I have found the right beauty regime. People have complimented me on my skin so my confidence has increased and I no longer fear the signs of ageing. Thank you Tropic
Lyn Aston
It is so good to receive my 2nd Tropic order. My 1st products have lasted so well. Your online shop is so easy to use, and so efficient with delivery.So exciting to open up my amazing & beautifully wrapped skincare items. I wanted to share. I'm very glad to try the Organic Elixir Oil. Taking care of myself is priority and using Tropic skincare is a great way to do this.
Ady Cartwright
I was introduced to Tropic by a friend who knew I was switching to cruelty free. I tried the ABC starter kit and adored it. Several months later and LOTS more Tropic products later, my skin really has never looked and felt better. I LOVE it and everything is cruelty free and smells FABULOUS!
Natasha Williams
I would just like to say how much I have loved the Tropic products and how much they have changed my life in particular the Body Love Buttercream.

I am 58 and have suffered from diabetes for about 8 years now. For about 2 years my feet have been feeling funny as if I have pins and needles all the time. I have been given tablets to take to help this as it is the nerve ends of my toes and the bad circulation.

I went to a Tropic party and towards the end I thought I would try the cream Body Love Buttercream on my feet to help with hard skin so I only put some on my heels and a little on my toes (not in-between them just the tip) put my socks back on and walked to another room to get my purse and while I walk I usually scrunch my toes to make them start working again as they go to sleep if I’m just sitting. I then walked back into the room and to my amazement I could feel my toes. I didn’t have to scrunch them up they were feeling fine a little tingle but not the same as usual. I immediately told Laura Tropic’s representative and ordered a tub. I just couldn’t believe the response with my toes so she gave me a new tub so I could take it home and keep this going so I did first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Within a week I could really feel it working and told others about the product. One lady used it for arthritis so I thought why not try it for my knee and believe me it did the trick.

I have told my Doctor about this cream and I am now slowly but surely coming off my medication for the pins and needle for my feet. This cream has done wonders for me why don’t you try it and see for yourself.
My skin has transformed from the red blotchy oily skin that it use to be to it now being perfect!!! I'm looking forward to trying your make up range!
Sarah Winwood
I am completely amazed by this skincare. The ABC skincare set is fantastic, and the Skin Revive Cream has changed my skin in a way I didn't think possible. These are Skin changing products and I am hooked. Please continue to make Skin Revive and don't change a thing! I also love the cleanser and toner - the cleanser doesn't contain any beeswax like many hot cloth cleansers, so no cruelty involved. Fabulous. The range doesn't contain the run of the mill ingredients, but interesting, new ingredients which in turn give a new result. Well done Susan and Alan x
C. Martin
I started using Tropic, and a year later my skin has never looked better, I get compliments about it everyday, soft, clear, glowing, smooth - everything I want from my skincare. I recently ran out of my tropic cleanser and moisturiser (disaster!) and in the few days while I waited for new ones to arrive I was using some high street substitutes, and those three days really made me appreciate my Tropic when I finally got it! I broke out all over my cheeks (from chemicals in the products) and that, of course, made me get stress spots on my chin. Two days with my Tropic and all signs of the breakouts are gone and I’m happily running around with hardly any make-up, smiling and telling everyone I know about Tropic.
I came across Tropic at a mind body spirit event. I got the lip balm and just loved it. I needed a new bronzer so thought I would try Tropic. I absolutely love it. It's feels so light and the quality is amazing. If I could afford to order everything I would!!! However every month I shall be purchasing an item to start a fresh make up bag of tropics. Fab! 11 out of 10.
Madeeha Mubarak
The Elixir Oil that I bought last week is amazing!
Kerry Riley
I hosted a tropic party last night with one of your lovely representatives Rachel. I can't wait to build up my Tropic products range they are all divine!! My friends thought so too!!
Tracy Sadler
I use the face polish, it's wonderful and smells great too!!
Julie Parker
Someone actually asked me what I'm using now as my skin looks fresh. Organic Facial Elixir Oil is the answer.
Denise Ambroses
The cleanser from Tropic Skin Care is amazing. I haven't felt my skin so soft or smooth EVER. Thoroughly recommend it. Great price too.
Vicki Bradley
In October I bought hot bamboo face cleanser from Tropic Skin Care it is my fave thing ever. Try it ladies it's gorgeous. All natural too.
Carley Brierley
Absolutely loving this range! My skin has been so much better and radiant since using the skin care regime.
Jenny Emmess
I recently tried ur mineral foundation after my beauty therapist recommended it as a superior but cheaper alternative to bare minerals. I absolutely love it! It's light, doesn't clog my pores, makes my skin feel like velvet and gives me the coverage I need as well as good staying power.
Debbie Roosa
I absolutely love your products and love the ethos of what you do.
Patricia Campbell
I've purchased the signature oil for myself and absolutely love it.
Ann Martin
I would really like to take this chance to emphasise my appreciation of this product. I just really wanted to say how grateful I am for the product for me as I have suffered with bad skin for over half of my life and finally finding something to control it, is literally life changing.
Alicia Jasmin Watson
Would just like to say how pleased I am with my new bundle of products. My skin feels great. I am telling all my friends about your lovely products and excellent service. CHEERS X
I have to say that your products are simply gorgeous, they are a pleasure to use and I trust absolutely every product that I put on my skin, knowing that the ingredients are pure and natural. I have not yet found a tropic product that I have not liked. Keep up the good work and the great customer service. Once again many thanks.
Laureen Downes
Skin Revive Firming Cream is now my best friend, I love this product.
Lizbith Christie
Just placed my 4th order. The skin revive cream really is a brilliant face cream, which I can feel working all day long. Three of my friends now using Tropic on my recommendation (after asking what skin routine I have!). Thanks!!!!
Sian Belfield
I just wanted to say how wonderful your creams are. I often have skin problems due to sensitivity, but no longer. Thank you.
Mo Keenan
I have given my skin a treat with your products and it feels AMAZING! Just keeping fingers crossed that my skin 'likes' it and I'm going to continue using it for the next 7 days to check it out! So far so good tho... And a whole lot cheaper than Clinique!!! Many thanks for your contact so far (Hubby didn't believe me when I said it had arrived already!!!)
Wow-wee!!! Ordered my bits from you on Weds eve....... Arrived at work this afternoon - very impressed with your service so far! Can't wait to get home and give my skin a test drive with my new 'pamper kit'!
Sharon Robinson
Your Body Smooth Polish is amazing! Honestly the best I have ever used!
Looking forward to giving my girlfriend this lovely gift!!! Products look fantastic...Glad I follow a certain Mr Sugar on Twitter!
Craig Laidlaw
I bought some of your product at the last Ideal Home Show and I am in love! Will be coming back for more, my skin has never felt better!
Sandra Hillen
Wow the products are amazing. The girls loved them at college I have started to use the products since and my skin feels so fresh and soft afterwards. It's great to use a product so well made and free from nasty chemicals.
Fay Lewis
For over a year now I've had awful ezcema on my hands and elsewhere. But I have had a break through today! My hands were starting to reheal and I used tropic body love buttercream and after 2 uses my hands are no longer itchy! They look near normal. Sorry for the long post but had to explain what this means to me! x
I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Susan Ma at the Ideal Home Show in Glasgow earlier this year. My partner and I purchased a couple of the products at this show and we were absolutely delighted with the results. I have now visited your website and have now placed an order for more as we are very happy to have finally found a skin care product that works for us. Thank you :)
Shaun Singh
thanks so much I ordered my items yesterday and wow they arrived the next day unbelieveable.Cant wait to try them they smell divine,thank you
Menna Ashton
Thank you for introducing me to the Tropic Skincare regime!! The price of the whole package is how much I'd pay for 1 day moisturizer at Christian Dior alone! I'm a busy full time working newish mum, still getting up through night with baby, a bad diet & very sensitive skin - but this range has transformed my skin!! Love love love it!
Karen Dawson
I received my first order today and have just tried it out...wow! My skin feels amazing. I have never used a skin polish like it and the cleanser and bamboo cloth are lovely.
Justine O'Neill
I have very sensitive skin and just adore these products, no tingling or stinging at all. Plus they smell absolutely amazing! Thanks guys.
Kate Gardner
I must say Im addicted to Tropic and am converting people daily. My hubbie has had an exzema type condition over his eyes for about 18months now and has tryed everything and Doctors perscriptions to and guess what in 10 days the Eye Refresh has almost cleared it!!
I've got really sensitive skin, and it often comes up blotchy so I decided to try using your smoothing cleanser as my daily facial wash and the results...AMAZING! My skin is smooth, and spots seem to disappear as quickly as they come! Thank you very much, I'm so pleased to have tried Tropic and I'll definitely be a big customer in the future!
Kayleigh Eggleton
I love how everything is absolutely natural. It feels like it's really good for my skin and I like the thought of it staying nourished even during bitterly cold windy days, it smells amazing too. Thanks for making such a great cream!!
Vaughn Moody
I love, love, love this miracle cream! I swear it has made my skin look so youthful and firm. My husband says I'm looking younger and younger every day. Smells gorgeous and oh what smooth skin I have.
Maggie Lowes
WOW the Body Smooth is incredible; my skin has never felt so soft and silky. I'm completely addicted to the smell too, next time I'm going to have to order in bulk.
Steph Page
As a first time user of your skincare bundle that I am very impressed at how lovely it is to use and how fresh it smells. People have started to comment on my skin now and it feels great. I am 49 and have I used many products but this is my absolute favourite. They last a long time too considering they are made up freshly for each order. First class.
Karen Hornby
I have been using the range for about a month and have never had better looking and feeling skin. I love it! Thank you so much. Gone is my red, sensitive skin yippee. I'm going to buy the polish set as well. I can't wait for your new products.
Catrina Newman
The Smoothing Cleaner is so good! I used to have alcohol based wipes which used to really sting and dry out my skin. Now that I've switched to your cleanser my skin is perfect. It takes makeup off so easily.No more scaring my husband with panda eyes in the morning. Thank you for creating such a delightful product.
Rosie Clarkson
Simply the best body polish ever, I use it once a week and each time it's a treat. My skin feels so silky and smooth it's quite incredible. I especially love using your scrub on a Friday evening, the smell is gorgeous and relieves the stress of the day.
Jenny Jones
I have absolutely fallen in love with your products and especially love the skincare range. I have always found it difficult to find a range that would truly benefit my skin but I have definitely noticed a new glow to it.
Hollie Mason
Just ordered the body set for me! And the skin care range for my sister cos she's seen the way it's worked on my skin and demanded I put in an order for her. I can't wait to have soft skin all over my body, love this product.
Rezu Khatun
I don't even contemplate using another face cream any more-there is nothing that compares to your Skin Revive Nourishing Cream!!!!!
Joanne Murray
I wear a lot of make up, so when I was told that I could gently remove a full face with only two to three pumps of Soothing Cleanser I thought to myself, no chance! To my surprise, all my make up was removed and my face fully cleansed and I fell in love instantly. It's the cleanser I've always dreamed off, good bye to face wipes and other cleansers that dried out my skin, and hello silky and refreshed complexion. And the bamboo cloth... I wish my towels were made out of the same material! Heavenly :) - Smoothing Cleanser

I brought this palette in vintage rose, and have been so excited for it to arrive as this is my first time using tropics. all I can say is I wasn't disappointed with this product, and would go as far as to say its the best palette of its kind that I've ever used, the colours look natural on my skin tone and completely enhance your face! also the powders smell really good! highly recommended - Sculpting Palette

This is my favourite Tropics product. I use it twice a week before bed instead of my normal moisturiser. The next day my skin is wonderfully soft and looks much brighter. The little lines which are starting to come around my eyes and mouth are less and the some annoying pigmentation on my forehead is beginning to fade. I love this stuff! - Good Skin Day
This is the first cream that I've put on my face that I can honestly say has made such a difference. My face looks rejuvenated and fresh in the morning. When I'm in need of more moisture I add the elixir as well for added luxury. I'm allergic to most products and I can use this without worry. Lovely product, lovely smell. - Night Repair
I absolutely love this eye cream. I've tried numerous other ones as I have extremely dry skin around my eyes which can be very red and sore and this is by far the best product out there. It's so rich and leaves my skin feeling silky soft. It also smells so nice and comes nicely packaged.I'm also so impressed with the company in general as i'm highly allergic to lanolin and I can happily buy any product knowing it won't irritate my skin without reading through all the ingredients. I'm also a lifelong vegetarian and passionate about animal rights and the environment so I love that this is something you care about too. I'd definitely buy this product and others from you again in the future and i've been recommending you to all my friends! - Eye Revive

OK! Beauty Awards 2017


Summer Goddess is the Winner for Best New Body Care Product


Look Sharp is Highly Commended for Best New Male Facial Product

Super Greens is Highly Commended for Best New Premium Skin Care Product

Best Veggie Buys 2017 


Tamanu Healing Balm is Highly Commended as the Best Ethical Beauty Product

Pure Beauty Awards 2017


Wild Mint, Lime and Pineapple Body Wash wins Silver for Best New Bath and Shower Product

Pure Beauty Awards 2017 


Face Lift is Highly Commended for Best New Face Mask

FreeFrom Skincare Awards 2017


Clear Skin Blemish Fighting Mask wins Silver


Attracta Beauty Awards 2017


Super Greens wins Best Facial Serum


The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2017


Face Lift Brightening Tightening Mask wins Bronze


CertClean Clean Beauty Awards 2017


Super Greens Nutrient Boost Serum is chosen as a finalist for Best FaceCare category.

Beauty Shortlist Awards 2017


WINNER: Best Natural/Organic Skincare Brand – UK
Beauty Shortlist Founder, Fiona Klonarides says:
“Tropic Skincare’s commendably cruelty-free, “beauty chef” style vegan skincare and makeup ranges shines brightly. Beautifully packaged, and packed full of deliciously nutritious fruit and plant extracts, it’s a perfect example of what a beauty brand should be today - ethical, effective, exciting, feel-good, and good for you.”

WINNER: Best New Skincare Launch 2016/7 - Super Greens Nutrient Boost Serum
WINNER: WINNER: Best Lip Balm - Lip Love Balm
WINNER: Best Body Balm/Butter/Cream - Body Love Firming Butter Cream
WINNER: Best Lip Gloss – Lip Glaze
WINNER: Best Cleanser - Smoothing Cleanser Complexion Purifier


EDITOR’S CHOICE: Instant Glow Perfecting Leg Serum
EDITOR’S CHOICE: Organic Elixir Age-Defying Facial Oil

Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2017


WINNER: Best Shower Gel - Soothe the Senses Body Wash


HIGHLY COMMENDED: Best Hand Cream: Superfood Hand Therapy
HIGHLY COMMENDED: Best Concealer: Correcting Cream Concealer
HIGHLY COMMENDED: Best Eyeshadow: Mineral Eyeshadow Palette in ‘Brown Eyed Girl’

The Best Business Awards


Tropic wins Best Small to Medium Size Business

The chairman of the judges says “Tropic Skin Care is an amazing new beauty company that is paving the way for a cleaner beauty revolution with its range of natural, cruelty-free skincare products. Since launching in March 2012, in partnership with Lord Alan Sugar, the company has seen incredible growth. Turnover is exceptional and it now has a staff of 55 and around 5,000 ambassadors who sell the products. With the trend for natural products that are not tested on animals growing in popularity, Tropic has arrived at just the right time.” 


Susan Ma wins Outstanding Female Entrepreneur

The chairman of the judges said: “Susan Ma, founder of Tropic Skin Care, is a shining example of a great entrepreneur who started from humble beginnings and has risen to the top in only a few years. Starting by selling her natural body scrub at age 15 in London market stalls, she now has a healthy, glowing business that has attracted investment from Lord Alan Sugar. With an amazing track record in growth and turnover, and by providing high quality products, Susan has bedazzled the beauty market and has a glittering future ahead of her.”

The Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100

Fast Track 100 Logo

Tropic has been placed at #14 of Britain's top 100 private companies with the fastest growing sales. Find out more and discover the league table here.

Sunday Woman Awards

Sunday Woman Awards 2016

Signature Candle wins Top Product of 2016 Award

The Stevie Awards 2016

Susan Ma Stevie Awards

Susan Ma wins Gold for Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year and Silver for Female Entrepreneur of the Year

Tropic wins Bronze for Fastest Growing Company of the Year

Great British Entrepreneur Awards

GBEA 2016

Susan Ma is shortlisted for Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Beauty Awards 2016

Beauty Awards 2016

Soothe the Senses Body Oil is Highly Commended for Best Body Care Product

Tropic is shortlisted for Packaging Design of the Year

Freefrom Skincare Awards

Free From Skincare Awards Face Care Silver 2016

Night Repair Cell Renewal Cream Concentrate wins Silver for the Face Care (Leave On) category

The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2016

Green Parent Awards 2016 GOLD

Correcting Cream Concealer wins Gold

 The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2016

The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2016 Best Buy

Lip Glaze wins Best Buy


Feedspot Blog Awards

 Tropic blog selected as one of the Top 100 Skincare Blogs

Bizziebaby Awards 2016

BizzieBaby Gold 2016

Summer Skin Gradual Tanning Lotion & Organic Elixir win Gold

Bizziebaby Awards 2016

BizzieBaby Bronze 2016

Pure Effects Beauty Booster wins Bronze

 Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2015

GBEA Winner 2015

 Susan Ma wins Bronze for Young Entrepreneur of the Year

The Startups Awards 2015

Startups Awards 2015 Winner

Tropic wins Product Business of the Year

The Startups Awards 2015

Susan Ma Startups Awards

Susan Ma comes third in the Women in Business Award

Pure Beauty Awards 2015

Pure Beauty Awards 2015 Silver

Instant Glow Perfecting Leg Serum wins Silver for Best New Artificial Tanning Product

The Startups Awards 2015

Startups Awards Finalist

Tropic is chosen as a finalist for Product Business of the Year, Women in Business and People's Champion categories

The Beauty Awards

Beauty Awards 2015 HC

Summer Skin Gradual Tanning Lotion was Highly Commended

The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2015

Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2015 GOLD

Radiance Clay Mask wins Gold for Best Face Mask

FreeFrom Skincare Awards 2015

FreeFrom Skincare Awards 2015 Shortlisted

Radiance Clay Mask is shortlisted

Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2015

Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2015 Winner

Illuma Brightening Concealer wins Best Concealer

Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2015

Natural Health International Beauty Awards 2015 HC

Body Love, Superfood Hand Therapy and Mineral Eyeshadow Palette are highly commended

Beauty Shortlist Baby Awards 2014

Beauty Shortlist Baby Awards 2014 Winner

Tamanu Healing Balm wins Best Stretch Mark/Tummy Butter/Balm

Pure Beauty Awards 2014 

Pure Beauty Awards 2014 Bronze

Superfood Hand Therapy wins Bronze for Best New Natural Product

Tamanu Healing Balm is Highly Commended for Best New Body Care Product

The Beauty Awards 2014

Beauty Awards 2014 Shortlisted

Warming Mineral Mask, Radiance Clay Mask & Superfood Hand Therapy are shortlisted

FreeFrom Skincare Awards 2014

FreeFrom Skincare 2014 Awards Best FreeFrom

Smoothing Cleanser wins Best Product & Best Face Care (Take Off)

Organic Elixir won bronze in Best Oil & Serum

FreeFrom Skincare Awards 2014 

FreeFrom Skincare Awards 2014 Shortlisted Logo

Smoothing Cleanser, Organic Elixir and Skin Revive are shortlisted

Natural Health Magazine

Beauty Awards 2014

Image result for natural health magazine beauty awards 2014

Sculpting Palette wins Best Blusher

Natural Health Magazine

Beauty Awards 2014

Image result for natural health magazine beauty awards 2014

Smoothing Cleanser & Gold Dust Mineral Eyeshadow are Highly Commended 

Natural Health Magazine

Beauty Awards 2013

Image result for natural health magazine beauty awards 2013

Skin Revive Firming Nourishing Cream wins Best Moisturiser.

We Were Raised by Wolves
"The Signature Candle is an absolute treat for anyone who enjoys deeply uplifting, spa-like, fresh scents."

"Each individual product maintains healthy and glowing skin,
which was ideal for my Fresher's week."

"This Tropic deodorant is one of the best I've tried!"


"Face Smooth provides a very refreshing scrub,
leaving my skin feeling clear and renewed."


Read the full review here.

Check out Face Smooth's appearance in the 'Must Have Natural Skincare Products’ article here. 


"The range has given structure to my skincare routine
and I’ve honestly been amazed at the changes I’ve seen."

I love using this as it blends so well into my skin and
is a perfect match."

"It's just great for soothing and calming the skin, and repairing areas
that have caught the sun!"

"This collection is awesome!"

"The Vitamin Toner is an absolute gem!"

"This could be my new favourite makeup product ever!"

"I would recommend these to anyone who wants a gradual tan
that gives a natural glow."

"My delicate skin was left glowing!"

 "It evens out your skin tone and makes you look lovely and radiant."

"I am truly impressed by how much smaller my pores appear since using it!"

 "I've been using the Beauty Drop Sponge on a daily basis, and I can't believe I ever functioned without it."

"Tropic Skin Care are open about their animal and planet friendly values, which makes browsing and choosing
from their products a breeze, as you’re guaranteed that none of them will include animal derived ingredients."
"I wouldn’t normally review a product so soon after trying it, but I have already seen a difference in my
complexion, and have even received compliments regarding my sun-kissed glow."

"It feels luxuriously moisturising, leaving my skin super soft and smooth."

"I was left with a more evened out skin tone and really nice bronzed finish."

"I was so blown away by the brand values and the quality of the products"

"That beautiful golden shimmer highlight. I could literally stare at it all day."

"The makeup range is beautiful"


"All three of the colours are perfect for day-to-day use."

"It sits well on the lips for a good few hours before a touch-up is required"

"I’ve finally found skincare that I’d happily use for the rest of my life."

"I did a double take! The significant improvement in my skin was visible overnight!"

"It melts into the skin really quickly and leaves it feeling incredibly soft and
not greasy in the slightest"
"The pigmentation is great and the vitamin E, wild mango butter and
strawberry infused formula is extremely moisturising."

"It's a super nice body oil that leaves my skin feeling hydrated and glowing"
"It has a super-creamy feel and applies smoothly. The colour leaves a tint of red
and looks very natural, but, you can definitely build up the colour"

"A simply wonderful product and brand – both of which I wholeheartedly recommend
trying for yourself!"


"My lashes look longer and are so full of volume"

Read the review here.

"These are perfect for hair loss sufferers like myself"


"A neutral lip gloss which leaves you lips juicy and super smooth"

Read the review here.


"These are actually the most usable brow stencils I’ve come across to date...
I was incredibly impressed by this little set. It looks beautiful and performs fantastically."


"Because this contains Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Jojoba it does leave a slightly oily
residue on the skin which is beautifully moisturising (and most importantly doesn't break me out)"


"I love the finish that this product gives - it totally brightens up my skin"

"It's actually made from 100% Organic Bamboo so it's amazing quality.
The bristles are very densely packed so it applies makeup beautifully. This brush is
seriously good, I will most definitely be investing in more Tropic brushes."
"I swatched the lipstick on my hand and was pretty gobsmacked
at just how creamy the formula is!"
"The shades of bronzer and highlighter really are beautiful to wear on
their own or together and the products are so soft and pigmented."

"I look forward to my skincare routine in the morning"

"My face feels hydrated and it really feels like it is doing my skin the world of good"

"A truly stunning palette, and a real must have product for all year round!"

"This is definitely a product I’ll be continuously reaching for throughout the Summer months!"

"My love affair with Tropic Skin Care is continuing. Their gorgeous products
are all vegan, natural and cruelty-free, and I think they’re so luxurious and lovely."

 "I found that it left a subtle but beautiful glow behind which for me is perfect since I love the dewy look."
"This is a perfect summer tanning lotion. It leaves the skin feeling hydrated,
fresh and glowing. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a natural looking glow." 

"I absolutely adore the product. I’ve mentioned before (on more than a few occasions!)
that I have really bad skin and, for a BB cream, this product really provides a great
amount of coverage.
I felt completely comfortable wearing it on its own for the day
time and it gave me a really flawless complexion."
"After applying Tropic’s Natural Melanin Enhancer only once, I could already see a
difference and I had a noticeable, yet natural, glow about me."

"The actual BB cream / foundation has a thin consistency which
feels cooling and weightless on the skin, which is particularly desired
during Summer months. The Pure Effects Beauty Booster adds a subtle
radiance to the face, creating an enviable dewy glow, that's not shiny."


"I have found this to be the perfect gradual tanning lotion
for me...This product is a definite must for the summer."


"I definitely 100% recommend this product for anybody who suffers
from acne or just wants a bit of a treat!"

"The foundation itself is very sheer and lightweight - but it's easily buildable as
you buff it in with the Kabuki Brush. It gives skin a 'glow from within' finish that
really perks you up and lifts the skin."
"The colour lasts...I wore it through dinner the other day and it was still in
place after three courses!"

"I don't tend to wear eyeshadow in the day time, but this one
includes a gorgeous shimmery cream colour which is perfect for
not looking like you've made a crazy amount of effort for the office!"


"It feels luxurious as it’s very thick and creamy, and to me it smells like
fresh root ginger, which I actually really like. It’s been great on my sensitive
skin, causing no irritation, and my skin is currently in tip top condition."

"This hand cream is fantastic, the cream smells lovely
and feels very luxurious in your hands."
"I have found this concealer to be wonderful, I always have quite
dark circles under my eyes and it covers it up really well."

"Finally I have found a routine that works for my skin; it is gentle, full
of natural ingredients, calms my breakouts and hydrates my dry patches."

Face Smooth Brightening Polish

"This is the perfect solution for dry, dull skin as it not only exfoliates but
simultaneously intensely moisturises to leave an impeccably soft complexion
that you won’t be able to stop touching."

Sculpting Palettes

"I adore both of these palettes as the shades are highly pigmented and they
blend seamlessly into your skin to create a subtle glow and natural flush of colour."

"I like this simplicity. Too often I find myself sifting through ten
adaptations of the same product to suit my skin type. This does it all.
I use it day and night."
Tamanu Balm

"The packaging remains true to Tropic in its simplicity; however the metallic
lid and thick set jar give a quality high end feel. The Balm itself is a wonderful
avocado green which instantly connotes health and wellbeing." 


"There are lot's of amazing colours in this collection from really vibrant to
more nude so there is a good selection for everyone."


"Not only is the heat soothing, but the mask has a somewhat spicy aroma which
is calming too...My skin is generally more clean, radiant and evenly toned, which
are benefits in themselves but also because it means that my makeup has a better
base...I wholly recommend Tropic Skin Care's Warming Mineral Mask as it's now
a product which I use regularly."
"The Colour Click Lipsticks stand out; they combine the function of lip colour
with the benefits of skincare. They contain camelia, jojoba, argan and avocado
oils which work harmoniously to create a sumptuous, creamy formula that conditions
and hydrates lips. I found the formula very hydrating and smoothing, which made
my lips cushiony soft."

"This face mask is honestly the best £20 I have spent. It's like a mud mask but
you don't need to use too much to get a nice even coverage over your face.
It feels amazing once you've put it on and then you just rinse off after about 15-20
minutes later, and my skin just looks so glowing and fresh. It truly is my
face mask must have!" 


Sculpting Palette Blush

"This is the perfect trio in one little package, ideal for travelling too!
Coupled with the Angled Brush, this compliments the palette and ensures
an easy application. The bristles are extremely soft and the product sits
naturally on the brush to help create a photo-ready face. If you struggle
with contouring I would highly recommend these two products as the
process becomes less of a chore and more of a joy"


Read the review here.



"What I like about Tropic, is the ethos behind the company and the quality of
the ingredients.  Tropic Skin Care are certified Cruelty Free, Vegan Society
Approved & made with natural plant extracts"


"You can feel the real consideration that has gone into creating the products,
and that is rather unique in today’s beauty & cosmetic world"


Skin Revive Firming Nourishing Cream


"The fact it soaks so beautifully into my skin means that I don’t have that
slightly shiny/greasy finish to my skin, and it is perfect to apply before
makeup as it soaks in to your skin so beautifully and provides a fantastic
base for your makeup"


Read the review here.


Lash Extension Kit


"The Lash Extension Kit is now a favourite, and having shorter eyelashes
it works really well. The mascara is a brilliant black and has a nourishing finish.
It’s a multi-tasking kit which is a must have for all mascara lovers!"


Illuma Brightening Concealer


"This concealer is so lovely! The golden packaging is beautiful and
represents the quality of the product inside"


Read the review here.  

Body Love Butter Cream

"My skin is in love. When I apply this body butter my skin looks so happy
and slightly glossy. It is enriched with cocoa, shea and coconut butters to 
give your skin the ultimate hydration it has been longing for. It also contains 
lemon myrtle and orange blossom essential oils which leaves your body 
smelling delicious. In my opinion it smells like lemon meringue pie so 
I smell rather tasty if I do say so myself"

Read the review here.

Body Smooth Polish


"I used the Tropic Skin Care ‘Body Smooth Polish’ which is 100% natural and
suitable for all skin types, containing the blended essential oils Lemon Myrtle,
Bergamot and White Patchouli along with natural sea minerals and Vitamin E.
All the ingredients work towards promoting clean, healthy skin and it smells amazing!"


Read the review here.



Organic Elixir Oil

"A pure blend of pomegranete, kiwi, rosehip, golden jojoba and moringa oil
literally awakened my skin like no other and left it super bright and fresh.
That's how I'd describe most of this range - fresh. Everything really is in it's
purest form, with zero parabens and nasties. […] All I want to say is that
I'm not one to only go for pure organic products, and in a way even if Tropic Skincare
wasn't so natural I'd still love it. But, the fact it is just makes it even


Read the review here.








Organic Facial Elixir Oil


"I've never used an oil on my face before and I must admit, I was a little bit
concerned about it fuelling my spot issues and making them worse. I didn't
need to worry though - the next morning, my face was no spottier and it wasn't
greasy or oily at all. It was a whole lot softer and more 'touchable' though - and that
was after just one night. 
I loved it."


Read the review here.

Lash Extension Kit

"The Lash Extension kit from Tropic gives you those perfectly extended lashes without
hassle and literally in a couple minutes. It's a 3 step process where you apply mascara
of the 'fixing gel' then add the 'extension fibres' and finally use the fixing gel again.
You can also repeat the process until you have the desired outcome. I was incredibly
impressed by the length and thickness my lashes gained, as well as how they stayed
curled and defined throughout the day. It's always important to me that when I wash
my lashes away that I don't harm any during it, and Tropic's Lash Extension Kit, £25,
was perfect to get off as well. Overall it's probably one of the most impressive
mascaras I've tried"


Read the review here.



Skin Revive

"It dries down without any stickiness, leaving my skin smooth and velvety.
I can even see that it gives some radiance too... ingredients list of Skin Revive
is awesome. No wonder it's being called a Nourishing Cream Concentrate...
After using Skin Revive for around 2 weeks, I can recommend it to anyone
who wants a non greasy, quickly absorbed and nourishing day."

Read the review here.


Vitamin Toner

"Tropic Vitamin Toner is my beauty toner staple...After using so many different toners,
Tropic Skin Care Vitamin Toner is the one toner that I have repurchased many times. 
I have lost count as to how many bottles I have purchased...What I think: This is a
definite winner for me as it is alcohol free and contains organic ingredients bursting
to help provide you with glowing skin.  The product also smells amazing. As I suffer
from acne, I religiously research every product I want to buy first to make sure it
doesn’t cause any aggravation to my acne and I can tell you now this product sure
doesn’t. To use this, you spritz the toner all over your face after cleansing and then
sweep over with a cotton pad. The result of it is that you’re left with soothing and
hydrating skin.  As this toner is alcohol free it surely won’t dry up or irritate your
skin, like what many other acne targeted toners can do.  I use this every day after
cleansing and honestly it is my staple toner and I wouldn’t risk trying another product..."

Read the review here.



Vitamin Toner

"I use this when sat at my desk, it gives my skin a boost of moisture and it smells
lovely...I work from home so tend not to wear makeup during the day so I like to
use this on my face to keep my skin hydrated and give it a boost of all those lovely
ingredients. I like facial sprays but many of them don’t have any added skincare
benefits but this one from Tropic Skincare is jam packed with so many benefits
for your face."

Read the review here.


Lip Love Balm

"The smell of the lip balm is so refreshing. It reminds me of oranges and peppermint.
The balm is a thick consistency which applies really well onto the lips... This really did
moisturize my lips. I found after using this for 2 days I began noticing a big difference
in the condition of my lips. In the winter I suffer from dry cracked lips unfortunately
but this has been brilliant. It removed the cracked skin and moisturized really
well... I have nothing bad to say about this product. It is true to it’s word and
I will definitely be buying another one when I run out!"

Read the review here.


Brow Define Palette

"The products are all made from pure plants extracts, no nasty chemicals which to
me sounded perfect and made sense if you wanted your skin to naturally improve and
be healthier... First I got the eyebrow defining set, in ochre. It comes with templates
so you can use them if you want to have a more defined, structured shape, the eye
pallet itself which has the ochre shade and a highlighter for under the brow and then
a useful double ended brush to apply!... I love this product, I will always be honest
about products and this really is so easy and effective and so much cheaper than
a set of HD brows and you can use it time and time again!"

ABC Skincare Set

"I find the Tropic really kind to my skin, no irritation, no greasiness
(which I do find with some high street products) and I haven't had any breakouts! 
Always good! ...The cleanser though- I love! And well... the scrub!
I will never not have this product again!"

Read the review here


"Expertly blended essential oils of top notes of Lemon Myrtle, mid notes of
Bergamot & base notes of White Patchouli invigorates & refreshes your senses.
Great for use anywhere on the body that is rough or dry, and highly recommended
for use on your feet!"

Read the review here.


Organic Elixir Facial Oil

"Since using this my skin has looked a whole lot better than usual. My face
feels pampered in the mornings and is much more smooth and hydrated. I have
fairly young skin so elasticity isn't a problem much yet for me but this has really
helped with getting rid of dryness and generally bringing a lot more radiance
to my skin. I really like this product and think it is working well to sort my skin
out and banish the dryness!"

Read the review here.



Organic Elixir Oil


"I have been using the Tropic Organic Face Elixir at night time for
over 6 weeks and it is a gorgeous product. It leaves my skin smooth,
balanced, hydrated and supple!"


Read the review here.


Skin Revive Firming Nourshing Cream

"As soon as I applied it to my face, my skin was instantly feeling smooth
and soft. I have rosacea and sensitive skin, so my skin flares up quite often,
Skin Revive has helped my skin to go back to normal faster after a flare-up.
I really like the fact that Skin Revive is alcohol-free and made with natural
plant extracts. I have been thoroughly enjoying using Skin Revive and I am
looking forward to trying other Tropic products."

Read the review here.


Face Smooth Refining Polish

"I was not expecting this Face Smooth to be this good. It is one of the best
scrubs I have tried, tested and used. As I told you on the upper lines, I seriously 
love the way it smells."

Read the review here.



Organic Facial Elixir Oil


"Overall, this oil is a joy to use and I recommend giving it a try,
especially if you have dry or maturing skin. I love the natural, skin loving
ingredients and of course I have raved about the pretty packaging. This oil is
really good quality, it rivals some other brands which are very expensive
so this offers excellent value for money. A big thumbs up from me."

Read the review here



Organic Facial Elixir Oil

"Everything about this product is impressive from first impressions of the gorgeous
glass bottle of which I am trying to think up something fabulous use for once it’s
empty to the scent which is a medley of all the ingredients used which together
make for quite a delightful scent. When I asked my mum if she would actually
buy this herself the answer was a resounding yes – she is over whelmed with
the results she has seen from just a short time of use."


Read the review here.



Eye Refresh Herbal Roll On


"I've loved using the Tropic eye refresh roll on, it has helped reduce the
darkness and dullness under my eyes and the overall tired appearance and
it has really become a staple in my morning routine! It really has made my
eyes look more radiant and the most awake they have since being 13! That's a
big achievement and I honestly couldn't be more impressed! I love using mine."

Read the review here.



Smoothing Cleanser


"I could not be happier with this product and I'm so grateful of the wonders
it's beginning to work! I can honestly say that I'm starting to feel completely
comfortable leaving the house with zero make-up on after using this, it leaves
me so fresh faced. I can definitely see the amazing differences this alone is making."

Read the review here.



Vitamin Toner Spritz


"I like products that are honest and does exactly what it says on the tin.
I am happy to say that this vitamin toner does exactly that. The slogan for
the Tropic Skin Care brand is 'Pure - Honest - Effective' and they could not be
more right. I am so impressed with this toner. To be honest, I didn't think it
could compare to my witch hazel toner that I use religiously. It's refreshing on
the skin and moved dirt, dead skin that I though I had already gotten rid of
in my cleansing routine."

Read the review here.



Face Smooth Refining Polish


"I can seriously see why this is a best seller for Tropic, when I massaged this
in it felt like it was removing all the dirt and uneven texture on my face and neck.
When washing the product off I felt like I had a new layer of skin, no kidding. It
leaves a kind of smooth veil that is not greasy, but more like a balm."


Read the review here.



Body Love Buttercream


"There are two key things I look for in a good body butter, firstly it needs
to do what it says and feel like a butter, I expect it to melt as I blend it into
my skin and have a butter-like consistency. Secondly, I expect it to smell amazing
and leave my skin smelling great all day. This my friends, did both. It does
feel very luxurious and would definitely earn itself a place amongst other
high end skincare brands."


Read the review here.



Face Smooth Refining Polish & Bamboo Cloth


"I think the Face Polish is FABULOUS. For me it truly is the queen of scrubs :)
My face has never been so luminous and glowy, and I use an exfoliator every morning.
This goes the extra mile, after using I find my moisturiser and make up just glide on
and the little teeny rough black heads that have lodged on my chin since 1996 have
disappeared! The face cloth holds in so much heat and I found it incredible for declogging
my ever congested pores. Plus bamboo has naturally occurring anti-bacterial properties
so that can only be a great thing right?"


Read the review here.



Skin Revive Firming Nourshing Cream


"I surprisingly fell in love with this cream and honestly didn't think
I would think much of it. The price point is great and I also love the
fact that it is clean skincare and British. A massive thumbs up and I'm
investing in more from this range. It is staying in my personal skincare
routine, not my kit as I am selfish and want it for me...."

Read the review here.



Lip Love Balm

"This really did moisturize my lips. I found after using this for 2 days
I began noticing a big difference in the condition of my lips. In the winter
I suffer from dry cracked lips unfortunately but this has been brilliant.
It removed the cracked skin and moisturized really well."

Read the review here.



Organic Facial Elixir Oil

"I love it. The gorgeous packaging which I'm proudly displaying on my dressing
table is the start of a long list of positives. As soon as you apply the product
(of which you only need a minimal amount) my skin felt better for it. The oil
sank in pretty quickly leaving no greasy residue as I worry about with oils. It also
made my skin feel moisturised and within a few days of use my skin already feels
firmer and my dry patches are clearing up nicely (especially around my nose).
This is a big plus for me as it means my foundation looks so much more natural
and smooth when I am wearing it."

Read the review here.



Smoothing Cleanser & Vitamin Toner Spritz

"I have mentioned in previous blog posts that I have sensitive skin and rosacea,
so I can only apply certain skincare products on my face. I am glad to have found
a new cleanser and toner that I am safe to use. After using Tropic Cleanser and
Toner, my skin is glowing and feeling nourished."


Read the review here.



Organic Facial Elixir Oil


"Often facial oils come in 30ml bottles. Sometimes less. The Tropic Organic
Facial Elixir Oil comes in a big 50ml bottle for £30, which is great value considering
the oils it contains. It comes in a 'droplet' type bottle, which you have to shake it to
get the oil out. Only a few drops are needed for your face and neck, so 50ml is really
going to last for ages. I'd happily buy this facial oil and recommend to others. It's a
beautiful facial oil and considering the blend of oils plus the amount of product you
get, I think the price is outstanding!"


Read the review here.



Face Smooth Refining Polish

"I thoroughly enjoyed using this scrub, I cannot praise the results enough. 
My face felt (and smelt) incredible!!!!! The Lemon & Orange oil gives the Face Smooth 
Polish such an invigorating tropical fragrance, which reminds me of my 
Caribbean holiday.. sipping tropical fruit juices. My face has never felt so smooth, 
after using any other exfoliator or scrub.. my dry patches around my nose and 
on my forehead (thanks to these Wintery months) had completely disappeared. 
My face feels, and looks like I have new skin? It is just incredibly smooth, soft and radiant."

Read the review here.



Organic Facial Elixir Oil


"This face oil is very light and doesn't leave my already oily (combination) skin even oiler
infact it soaks away into my skin leaving it feeling well nourished and soft. I have noticed a
difference in my skin in the respect of my skin looking and feeling fresher. This retails at
£30.00 for 50ml which is totally worth it."


Read the review here.



Smoothing Cleanser

"After drying my face, I noticed that my makeup had been removed easily with
no harsh scrubbing (particularly around the eyes) and I did not experience the tight
feeling that I get with foaming cleansers. My skin was left feeling soft and plump with
the lemongrass scent lingering for a little while."

Read the review here.



Organic Luxury Oil- Frangipani


"It is a beautiful silky oil which sinks into my skin with ease (I am dry like the Sahara).
If you are familiar with Frangipani you will know it is a heavy and exotic aroma.
Overall, it’s a beautiful product and perfect for anyone who likes a home spa treatment."

Read the review here.



Smoothing Cleanser


"When I started using it, I had been a bit erratic with my skincare for the past few days,
and it was showing, with blemishes and redness blighting my appearance. However, after
just a couple of uses, this had already made a huge impact on my skin, and while I was a
little bit sceptical as to whether that would continue, it really has done, leaving it soft,
smooth and blemish free. This only serves to re-enforce my believe that skin responds
better to organic and natural ingredients."

Read the review here.



Skin Revive Firming Nourishing Cream


"I can't actually find anything I don't like ! My skin feels pampered and deeply hydrated
even after just one application and the effect lasts for several hours. If I rub it into my skin
at bedtime, I find I look fresher-faced in the morning so it's replaced my usual night cream.
Star Rating: 4.5/5!"

Read the review here.



Smoothing Cleanser

"It melts away all the dirt, makeup and grime from the day and it smells
absolutely wonderful. The advantage this cleanser has over it's competitors
is it's organic bamboo cloth, which for me personally, feels more effective than
muslin cloth. Particularly when it comes to the 'hot' aspect of hot cloth cleansing as
it holds the heat for longer."

Vitamin Toner Spritz


"It smells fantastic and is really soothing on the skin, particularly after shaving."

Eye Refresh Roll On


"Particularly good as a midday freshen up, if like me, you work on computers all day
and get dry, tired eyes! I've been using the products for the last 4 weeks and well, after
using them, I can see why Lord Alan invested! Whether he uses them personally or just
has a nose for great products, I'm not sure..."

Read the review here.



Face Smooth Refining Polish


"You get to marvel at how good your face feels...I mean it feels amazing...really really
...but ultimately...really really soft and smooth...we're talking baby smooth here...
and I have to say that this could possibly be one of the best facial scrubs/polishes I've
used in a long time...I am seriously impressed!"


Read the review here.



Skin Revive Firming Nourishing Cream


"I love how Tropic Skin Care actually tell you what the ingredients are there for
and what they are going to do to improve your skin - it makes it a lot easier to understand.
Tropic Skin haven't only just gained me as a fan, they have gained my Mum too.
In fact, she loves this product so much it's currently been taken hostage. So, proof that
this product is great for all skin types and all ages - it really is a gem."


Read the review here.



Eye Refresh Roll On


"My eyes are definitely less puffy, have lost the horrid dark circles caused by
too many sleepless nights and the gel is VERY refreshing first thing in the morning
and I now keep this in my purse as a go to when I start to flag throughout the day,
it helps to refresh making me feel a little more alert."

Read the review here.





Vitamin Toner Spritz


"The smell is very pleasant and not overwhelming, so I think it would suit any taste.
I've been using this product for a week now and it hasn't broken me out or anything,
which is obviously a good sign as I can be prone to this. My skin actually feels softer
and smoother if anything, so I'm really impressed! Overall, I've really enjoyed using
this product and would recommend it to anyone looking for a new toner."

Read the review here.



Body Love Butter Cream


"The body butter's consistency isn't too thick and it absorbs into your skin really well.
I can't stress enough how amazing this left my skin feeling afterwards! The body butter
spreads easily with fingers and applies just like a cream. I was amazed at how well it spread
over my skin leaving my body feeling hydrated for hours. It didn't leave my skin greasy like
some body butter's have done in the past. If you have very dry skin I would recommend this
product for you. I get dry skin near my elbows now and again and after using this for the past
week I have already noticed a difference! I would also recommend using this product if you are
after a body butter that will naturally look after your skin."

Read the review here.



Body Smooth Refreshing Polish


"My skin felt extremely smooth and silky after which means that there is no need
to use a body lotion afterwards. I also found the scent lasted for ages on my skin
and it was nice to get a whiff of lemon every now and again! This product is certainly
refreshing like the product name entails. With top notes of Lemon Myrtle, mid notes
of Bergamot & base notes of White Patchouli this makes a exciting and thrilling treat
for your skin."


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Body Smooth Refreshing Polish


"If you were thinking this sounds like any other scrub, then you are wrong!! When you wash
it off you are left with the most smooth, soft, moisturising, amazing feeling ever from a scrub!
Imagine coating your skin in a gorgeous silky smooth oil that leaves you feeling unbelievable,
this is what this scrub does. I have never experienced anything like this before in a product,
even when I persuaded my husband to let me use it on his hand he was blown away.
I cannot stress enough that this is amazing, not like anything I've ever used before."


Body Love Butter Cream


"This is the thickest body butter I have ever seen, nice firm soft texture and not watery at
all feels lovely on the skin. It just melts and is non greasy. I own a few body butters
that are greasy and leave a residue but this doesn't. I can now officially say I have found
my perfect scrub and body butter combo! All the products have an amazing smell,
like a soft lemon and lime scent."


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Face Smooth Refining Polish


"Once dry my face felt so smooth, I don't think it has ever felt so good. It looked glowing
and really healthy, I was thoroughly impressed."


Read the review here.



Body Smooth Refreshing Polish


"The smell on opening the pot of Body Smooth Refreshing Polish is
amazing – make that inspiring. There couldn’t be a smell that is more
opposite of a dull, grey, chilly London than this! In fact it smells so good
you could almost eat it"


Read the review here.




ABC Skincare Collection


"I have been using the ABC routine for three weeks (morning & evening) and my skin looks amazing"


Read the review here.


Vitamin Toner Spritz

"The toner is my favourite product in the range, it has a light fresh scent and is really refreshing to use."

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Skin Revive Firming Nourshing Cream

"The cream is luxurious but not heavy, it is nourishing and melts into your skin leaving it 
soft and hydrated"

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Body Smooth Refreshing Polish

"The scent is luxurious, as though you are on an exotic island in a five star spa"



Soul & Spirit Magazine

Smoothing Cleanser Complexion Purifier is included in Unique Eucalyptus feature.


May 2017 Issue.

The Daily Express: Saturday Magazine

Super Greens Nutrient Boost Serum is named as one of the best detoxing and cleansing beauty products

The Daily Express

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Super Greens Nutrient Boost Serum is featured in Perfect Wedding's favourite new beauty buys

Perfect Wedding Magazine

February 2017 Issue


Sculpting Palette is included as a top cruelty-free beauty product to kick-start the new year!

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Super Greens Nutrient Boost Serum is dubbed as 'natures answer to anti-ageing'

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Organic Elixir Oil features in the beauty pages 

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 Susan Ma and Tropic Skin Care are featured in the Beauty Insider
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Tamanu Healing Balm is featured in the Look Back Yearbook
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Body Smooth is featured in Beach Beautiful article

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Body Smooth is featured in Summer Goddess Article

June 2014 Issue 

Natural Health Magazine

Organic Lip Satin is featured in Handbag Heroes 

May 2014 Issue

Reveal Magazine

Brand of the month March 2011 



Georgia says of our Smoothing Cleanser: 

"Its full of fab ingredients such as eucalyptus and lemongrass. It gave my combination skin a really deep cleanse"

Reviewed in Reveal Magazine: Voted in Top 3 Must Try Cleansers

British Vogue


 "Organic, ethical & healthy"